Why Using An Office Printer With Cheapest Ink Is The Most Cost-effective Solution

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For a company, every cost must be optimized carefully and no office supply should go to waste. The same goes for office printers and their corresponding ink too. It’s imperative to save printer ink to reduce costs and prolong this machine’s life. Otherwise, more money will be spent on purchasing ink cartridges needlessly and your printer will suffer a lot of wear and tear. These are some of the reasons why getting a printer with cheapest ink is the better long-term solution.

What is a printer for?

Printer is an essential equipment in any offices. It accomplishes task such as paperwork and print important documents that can be used for personal or professional purposes in a short amount of time. This streamlines work more efficiently.

How much does an average person print in a year?

According to studies, the average office employee prints around 10,000 pages per year. If you crunch in the numbers, that’s $725 spent on printing these pages annually. Plus, there’s also an additional cost in procuring ink cartridges for office printers. This is the reason why offices prefer to use a printer with cheapest ink to reduce costs.

How much do ink cartridges costs for printers?

Speaking of ink cartridges, these things go for as low as $6 dollars for basic printers. On the other hand, high-end printers use large ink cartridges that cost as much as $500. On the average, common printer cartridges cost around $30 for a single pack and it can produce 500 pages.

What can I do to save printer ink?

A good place to start is to print only what you need. Most offices often print multiple copies of a document, only for them to go to waste after a short amount of time. Plus, some employees print materials that are not related to any office work. This should be cracked down at once if more printer ink is to be saved.

Another tip that can help you save ink is to print in draft mode. Generally, the printer uses a draft mode to save ink and produces pages faster than the usual.

Next, get yourself a decent printer that can maximize ink down to the last drop. Before you purchase anything, check the specifications online or ask a computer expert for an opinion on your prospective printer. In this way, you won’t get to save more money when you use an office printer with a wide array of cheap ink cartridges.

And speaking of ink cartridges, make sure you know what kind your printer uses. A printer with the cheapest ink is the way to go when it comes to saving costs. When you check your printer’s user manual or its specifications, you can find its ink cartridge model. Once you’ve found it, you can ask your computer store or check online sources where to obtain affordable prices for these cartridges. The more common it is, the better so you can stockpile them for your office’s use.

Running an office isn’t exactly cheap. In fact, there are so many moving parts in an office that requires money to ensure the overall operation goes as smoothly as possible. To contribute to that effort, it’s vital to save costs on office printer ink. Doing so would not only save expenses, but you’re also prolonging the life of your printers.

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  • Great article, well explained. I’ve also recently purchased a printer for my office. I went with the oki printer from Walcar ( https://www.walcar.com.au/okiprinters ) and I’m very satisfied with its overall performance.

    David on
  • I have used a Fuji Xerox CT350851. Printer ink is too expensive but its good to know there are ways of cutting back on the cost. Thank you for sharing this useful information with us.

    John Smith on

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