How Do Online Fax Services Work?

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What is online fax service?

Internet fax or also called e-fax and online fax is the exchange of fax using the internet rather than the traditional fax machine that is connected to a telephone line. Online fax is capable of sending and receiving messages both through internet and fax machine.

How do online fax services work?

Like the traditional faxing, there is an assigned fax number to those who sign up for the efax service. This assigned number is where people can send you their faxes, emails and more using the fax machine or internet and vice versa.

How to send an online fax?

  1. Attach the document or email to be sent.
  2. Type in the receiver’s fax number followed by the faxing service.
  3. The online fax service will format your message so that it can be received via fax machine.
  4. The recipient’s fax machine will print your attachment.

Is there a free online fax service?

There are free e-fax services you can sign up to. However, it comes with very limited type of services. Subscribing is the only way to get full features.  Most of the online fax services standard premiums are priced around $10/month and has a limited number for sending and receiving fax. You can choose your subscription depending on the number of send/receive service you need.


How safe is online fax service?

Online faxing is safer compared to printed fax. For one, it receives and sends messages directly to the person’s computer. Unlike fax machines, when left unattended, confidential materials are at risk of being stolen.  They also come with security features and encryptions to keep your messages safe. Many efax services also uses confirmation emails to prevent fraudulent fax or use of your online fax service account.



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