HP Printer Won’t Print Black

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If your HP printer won’t print black or missing in colors even with newly installed ink cartridges, don’t fuss. It’s a pretty normal printer problem you can encounter at least once in your printer’s lifespan. Here’s what you can do. It’s a step by step simple solution to keep your machine printing.


Why is my printer missing in colors?

There are several reasons your HP printer won’t print black or other color. The only way to find the solution is to remove the cartridges and start diagnosing the problem from there.

What are the possible causes of missing colors?

Clogged printer head:

  1. Turn on printer and open lid cover to cartridge compartment. If you are using an HP Photosmart, wait for the cartridges to stop in the middle before removing them. Be careful not to touch the printhead.
  2. Next, lift the lever that locks the cartridge container. Remove the cartridge compartment.
  3. Your ink cartridges might be okay and new but your print head might be full of gunk and dried inks.
  4. To clean, you can ran or dip the container under a warm water to dissolve dried inks.
  5. Once cleaned, dry the container with clear tissue or paper.
  6. Put it back into the printer and lock into place. Reinstall the ink cartridges and run test print.

Update printer driver:

If it is not the ink cartridge or the printhead, then one cause could be an outdated driver. Update your driver by running your printer utility application or tool. You can also update by visiting their website https://support.hp.com and type in your printer model. They give you a direct link to your drivers and other updates needed. 

You can also try restarting your printer after reinstalling the new cartridges. By doing so, the printer is prompt to run the new cartridges and calibrate them. Follow the instructions until completed.

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