How to Change Canon MG2520 Ink Cartridge?

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When it’s time to replace Canon MG2520 ink cartridge, proper installation is needed to make it work with the printer. It is vital that changing the ink cartridge is done correctly to avoid possible printer problems.

What is Canon MG2520 ink cartridge?

Canon MG2520 uses FINE PG245 black ink cartridge that comes in standard yield of 180 sheets and high yield in 300 sheets. Its color inks of CL246 in tri-color cartridge in high yield of 300 sheets. They are one of FINE (Full Photolithographic Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) Technology ink cartridge lines for Canon Pixma series. What makes it different from other Canon ink cartridges is its built-in mechanical printhead instead of one that are found in printers. Therefore, they should be handled differently and carefully.

How do I change the ink cartridge?

  1. Open printer’s front cover. Look for the ink cartridge compartment.
  2. Remove empty ink cartridge by pushing it down the cartridge lever until it clicks.
  3. Take out new replacement ink cartridge and remove protective seal. (DO NOT leave the cartridge unsealed as it will cause the ink to dry.)
  4. Insert new cartridge. Lift the cartridge lever until it locks in position.
  5. Do the same with the other ink cartridge if both need replacing.
  6. Close cover lid and run test print.

What other printers uses PG245 and CL246?

PG245 and CL246 are also compatible with Canon PIXMA MX492, MG2420, MG2520, MG2920, MG2922, MG2924, MX492, iP2820 inkjet printer series.

 How to handle FINE ink cartridges? 

When replacing a FINE ink cartridge, it is important to give extra attention on its printhead as it will cause damage to the cartridge and may deem unusable or unreadable to the printer.

  • Do not touch the electrical parts or printhead nozzle of the cartridge. Avoid contacting it with bare hands or hitting it on other hard surfaces.
  • Do not leave your printer open and empty of the cartridges or when the cartridges are installed. This may dry up the nozzles and causes clogged ink.
  • Do not hold or stop the cartridge while it is printing. Forcing the cartridge to stop will damage your printer and cartridge.

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