My Brother Printer Is Not Printing From PC

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Printing from PC is the most common method especially in an office setting. So when the printer suddenly refuse to print, a flow of delays and operation problems arise. Here are some solutions you can do when your Brother printer not printing from PC.


Why is my Brother printer not printing?

There are several reasons why a Brother printer does not print. This usually involves insufficient toner levels, paper jam, interior jams or worn outs or outdated printer drivers.


How to I fix Brother printer problems?


Check the printer’s power source

  • When the printer has sufficient power, the LED lights are lit.
  • A steady LED light on the power button indicates that the printer is on.
  • When the error lights are lit or blinking, it indicates printer error. Check the icon/button that signals error. It could be a paper or toner error.
  • If no lights are on despite being plugged, check on your power outlet or reattach the power cord. Most printer errors are fixed by simply unplugging and replugging the power cord.

Check the connection between the printer and PC

  • Check if the connection between PC and printer is secured. Reattach if needed.
  • Verify if PC is connected to the printer. Open your PRINTERS and DEVICES and click your Brother printer model.
  • Check status if it’s set as a default printer. If not, add the printer and set it as your main printer.
  • Make sure the access point and router are the shared by PC and printer. Check the Ethernet cable and manage access point settings.
  • See if the printer status is paused, offline or not set as default.

Check if the printer driver is up to date

  • Obsolete or outdated printer driver can causes numerous printer errors.
  • Update the printer by downloading the later version from a.) using downloaded utility driver b.) visiting Brother support website

Perform a cold reset

  • If everything seems to be okay but your Brother printer not printing from PC, you might have to perform a cold reset.
  • A cold reset or network factory default setting deletes all archives and current settings. Therefore, it is best to set a backup before doing this solution.


When encountering printer issues with your Brother Printer, these are the first solutions you can try before calling in a printer technician or Brother Customer support.

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