How to Print or Scan Documents Using HP Aio Printer Remote

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What is Aio HP printer remote?

HP All-in-one printer remote is the former name for HP Smart app. This app provides full functionality that helps you set up, print, scan and manage your documents on HP printer through wireless connection. This app is a direct link to other HP store which allows you to also monitor and order supplies, troubleshoot and ask customer support effortlessly. You can also personalize the apps to have complete control of your HP printer according to your preferences.

How to download HP Smart App?

  1. Open your web browser and search HP Smart or you can get the app via Windows Store.
  2. Follow the instructions on how to download the app.
  3. The app will require for your HP printer. If you already connected your HP printer to your pc, then it will automatically connect with it. If you have more printers connected, select the HP printer you want to use HP Smart with.

How to print and scan using HP Smart?

  1. Open HP Smart app. It has 4 function buttons – home, folder, print and scan.
  2. Tap on the HOME button to open tiles of additional functions – from printing and scanning image and documents, where to save the document or personalize the tiles and functions.
  3. To scan, simply tap on the ‘’camera’ icon. Tap on the ‘scanner’ icon. You can scan any images using the camera or you can also select through your social media or online storage. Run scanner and wait until it signals a complete scan.
  4. Rename your file and select desired format.
  5. You can opt to save it on the HP Smart folder or share it and send it to another online folder, email or cloud storage.
  6. To print, tap on the ‘print’ icon and open the file document or website link of the photo or web page you want to print. Adjust settings to desired size and copies. Tap print.

How different is it from HP ePrint?

While both HP ePrint and HP Smart allows wireless printing. HP Smart is different in terms of full control of the printer’s functionalities. HP ePrint allows printing of documents from different resources while HP Smart allows printing, scanning, personalization, monitoring of supplies, troubleshoot and monitor HP printer. Like its former name, HP Aio printer remote it does cover almost everything about the printer even without touching or getting near around it.

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