5 Common Printer Problems and Solutions

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Printers can misbehave to such an annoying extent that it causes delay at work. Problems could still occur  despite the fervent maintenance. Below are five common printer problems and solutions.

What do I do when I get a paper jam error  despite having no actual paper jam?

This error is one of the most common printer problems. It causes many people to feel like they want to smash their computers. These ghost jams occur because of underlying mechanical problems with your printer which might have occurred after real paper jams leave residues. This interferes with the normal printer’s operations long after they are gone. These residues are lodged between the duplexer gears making the printer think that the duplexer is stuck. Remove the rear duplexer and clean the gears and the surrounding to solve the problem.

My printer too slow, how do I speed it up?

Nothing can be more frustrating than dedicating time and effort working on a project only to be slowed down during the printing phase. A slow printer is a common problem that you are likely to deal with repeatedly. The problem can be caused by high-resolution images in your document that hold an excess amount of data for both your PC and printer. You can solve the problem by switching graphics either to normal or standard mode if graphic quality is not a consideration.  You may also want to consider upgrading the memory of your printer if large files with quality images are part of your day-to-day workflow.

 My printer won’t print.

You might not get any error message from this problem but the printer will not respond. If this is the case, you need to check whether the printer is still connected to the PC via the USB cable, Ethernet cable, or check whether the Wi-Fi is on and you are connected to the right network. If all of that is functioning properly, then ensure that the driver software is installed in the computer is the one you are using. Reinstall the driver and make sure you are using the latest version from the manufacturer’s site if corrupted. If the problem persists, then try the troubleshooting tips in the printer’s manual. Otherwise, call tech support.

 Why I cannot print from a mobile device?

Being able to print directly from your iPhone, Android or iPad device gives you convenience. Connecting your printer wirelessly can be complicated such that sometimes it is working and others it is not working. Fortunately, this has become one of the most common printer problems and solutions are easy to apply. First, you have to ensure that your mobile’s app is compatible with the printer’s software. Then ensure that the Wi-Fi is working properly and the printer’s wireless connection is working smoothly.

 My Windows keeps sending printing jobs to the wrong printer.

Windows can mysteriously select a default printer where it automatically sends all printing jobs. For Windows 7 and above, go to Start Menu, Select Devices and Printers, Right Click the printer you want under Printers and Faxes and the Set as Default.

These are the most common printer problems and solutions. You should contact highly qualified tech support for ideas on how to deal with unique printer problems.


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