What To Know About HP Global Warranty?

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What is HP Global Warranty?

HP Global warranty covers standard warranty to a specific HP product bought in a particular country. For instance, if you have HP Officejet Pro 8610 in country A  and will be moved to country B, if the product is present in the country B it will receive the same warranty offered in the country.

What does HP Global Warranty cover?

HP Global Warranty does not offer same warranty everywhere in the world. It does not affect HP Service Agreements and HP Service Contracts. It supports services to HP Hardware or HP Support Packs. HP products will not function to the country which is not intended to function for regulatory reasons.

What actions can be done to get warranty service?

When HP has no support present in the country of use, you are responsible in all actions and costs required to have warranty service. You can call HP customer support or Hp Authorized Support Providers for diagnostic concerns. For hardware services, there were two options: You can send off the particular part to HP Customer Support and It is your responsibility to deliver the part to its location. You could also move to the closest country where HP support is present in order to get an easy access to your concerns.

Is there a need to register again?

If you are going to move your HP product to a different country and you are asking if you will register it again, the answer is NO. HP has a worldwide warranty database that allows you to access warranty services that only requires to register once. As long as the country you moved in has an existing HP support there is no need to register again.

To promote the Global Warranty for valid customers, HP is giving 3 year warranty extension for HP officejet and HP officejet Pro selected printers. You might want to check if your printer is included.

How to claim the 3 year warranty extension?

  1. You have to purchase HP 3 year warranty extension printers. (Ex. HP Officejet Pro 8610.)
  2. Complete the details of your printer as well as your address date up to 60 days after the data of purchase.
  3. After six weeks you will receive the confirmation email of your 3 year warranty registration.

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