How to Change Canon MP495 Ink Cartridge?

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What is Canon Pixma MP495?

Canon MP495 is an all-in-one personal inkjet printer of the Pixma series. It features all the basic technologies of printers today including LED display, wired and wireless connections, printer apps and its basic functionalities – print, copy and scan.

What ink cartridge does MP495 uses?

MP495 uses PG-210XL for black and CL-211XL for tricolor ink cartridge. Both ink series are available in high yield. PG-210 also known as 2973B001 yields about 401 pages and 2975B001 reaches up to 349 pages. PG-210 is pigment-based while CL211 is dye-based. These makes printing color images more vibrant, true to life and long-lasting. 

How to Change Canon MP495 ink cartridges?

The MP495 has a different design compared to other printers of the same series. For one, the location of its cartridge compartments are found under the scanner bed. Therefore, installation and replacement is also done differently. Here’s how:

  1. Turn on printer and open paper output tray.
  2. Lift the scanner bed lid until you see the ink cartridge compartment below.
  3. To remove ink cartridges, gently push and lift the lever that locks and covers the ink cartridges. Take out the ink cartridge by lifting it on a slant position. Do the same with the remaining cartridge.
  4. Prepare the new ink cartridge replacement.
  5. Remove protective seal. Be sure to not touch the printhead or the metallic part of the cartridge.
  6. Gently shake from side to side to even out the ink inside the cartridge before installation.
  7. Put the new cartridge into the compartment slightly slanted until it is securely positioned. Bring down the lever and push down until you hear the click. Do the same with the other cartridge.
  8. Bring down the scanner bed to its position and wait until the printer reads the newly installed ink cartridges.
  9. Run a test print.

Are there any precautions in handling Canon MP495 ink?

MP495 ink cartridges are FINE cartridges – a smarter and newer version of ink cartridges for Canon inkjet printers. A FINE cartridge has its own built-in printhead instead of in the printer. They are also smarter as they can signal errors and warning related to installation of cartridges.

When handling a FINE cartridge:

  • Do not touch the electrical parts or the metallic parts of the cartridge as it may cause damage.
  • Do not leave the ink cartridge exposed after removing the protective seal. This will dry out the ink inside.
  • When the ink cartridge is stained or has clogged ink, do not clean or remove with bare hands or cloth. As it is sensitive, you can simply use paper or tissue to remove clogged ink.
  • Do not perform any operations until cleaning is done. The printer automatically cleans the printhead once it is installed.

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