Should You Buy A Monochrome or Color Multifunction Printer?

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Multifunction laser printer has been one of the best office machines ever invented. It provides a lot of advantages in different work set ups and streamlines document creation more efficiently. It offers print, copy, fax and scan using toner which is more cost-efficient than ink. However, some of the dilemma user usually encounter is to whether buy a monochrome or color multifunction printer.

What are the differences of monochrome and color printer?

Although the functions may be similar, the number of uses may differ. One factor to consider is the usage of the printer.


Monochrome laser printer:

Multifunction printers like Brother MFCL2700DW are complete with recent printing technologies. Wireless connectivity, auto-duplexer, cloud printing and AirPrint features as well as security features. However, monochrome printers are mainly used for text documents. If your day-to-day operation only requires documents in plain texts at high volume requirement, then this type of Brother laser printer is a good option.

Color laser printer:

One of the greatest advantages of a color laser printer is images and graphic printing. Photos, brochures, banners, stickers and many others are just some of the copies you can produce.


Prices can really vary depending on the model, functions and technology. A monochrome laser printer can cause more than a color multifunction. However, if the cost of operation is included, then the expense will greatly differ. Monochrome printers only use one color – Black. They may come in different yields and packs but you will only have one choice of color. When it runs out of toner, then it’s easily replaceable.

In the case of a color printer, some come in large formats and several toner colors. The basic toner colors are black, cyan, yellow and magenta. However, there are printers than run 6, 8 and even 12 colors for wide format ones especially inkjets. Having many colors also causes disadvantages especially in terms of budget. The colors may run out on different times, therefore causing users to change cartridges in unpredictable periods.

Deciding the type of multifunction printer to purchase is also a crucial decision for an office or business. Using our tips as your guideline, choosing the right printer for you can help ease your work and greatly step-up your outp

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