HP LaserJet P1102w: Low Cost Printing For Your Business

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What kind of printer should I use in the office?

Having the right printer is key to save costs and supplies in the office. Choose an economical printer with a decent quality and speed. HP LaserJet P1102w is a small laser printer that offers monochrome printing capabilities and wireless network.

Knowing the price of the printer consumable replacement also makes all the difference. If your choice of printer has a consumable with a hefty price tag, turning to cheaper remanufactured replacements and compatibles is a great alternative.

Do I have to limit printing documents?

Not necessarily. However, if you find yourself repeatedly printing items such as business cards, flyers, labels and forms on a more frequent basis, you might want to consider printing them on a larger quantity. Printing more and at once is more efficient and cost-effective.

Is there a way to save on the toner cartridge?

Yes. You can skimp on toner cartridge without affecting the quality of printout and your work. All you have to do is to quality control your printing supplies. Use high grade paper only on important and official documents. Print in draft mode for less important physical copies. Print double-sided as much as possible. Better yet, skip printing at all if there’s not a need for hard copies. Sending digital copies through emails and other online document services is faster and more convenient.

Are there any other printing tricks to help reduce printing costs?

Other ways to reduce printing cost is to reduce the font size of the texts. It’s simple but by doing so, less toner will be used in printing and perhaps less sheets of paper. If possible, print in text only and avoid printing images. Most importantly, always ‘print preview’. This minimizes the chances of reprinting by mistake and therefore eliminates wastes of supplies.

Printing takes a huge chunk of the office budget. If employees are not conscientious, resources will be used wastefully and deplete in no time.

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