How To Make Epson Printer Print Without Black Ink

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Once in awhile your Epson color printer just runs out of black ink in the midst of a demanding document creation task. So, what should you do? Replace the ink cartridge? But there is no spare and running to buy a replacement will cost you time. If you are using Epson printer ink, here’s a quick solution to print in monochrome using the remaining color inks.

How do I get my Epson printer to print in monochrome without black ink?

Even without the black Epson ink, all the remaining color cartridges will print together to produce the black color. Here’s how to do it.

  1.    Navigate to Printers and Devices in your Control Panel.
  2.    Select your printer and right click to open drop down option.
  3.    Click on Properties then click on Color Options in the ink set.
  4.    Since black is out, click on the color set options and click Apply.

If you happen to be printing when the Epson printer ink run out, you can try this quick fix.

For Windows:

  1.  Stop print queue or cancel the printing process.
  2. Go to Printer and Devices. Select your printer.
  3. Go to Quality Option and click on Plain Paper as the Type Setting.
  4. In the Print Option, check on Grayscale. This will limit your prints to monochrome only. Click Ok.
  5. An indicator of your monochrome setting will flash on your monitor.
  6. Run print.

For Mac:

  1. Stop print queue.
  2.  Navigate to Epson Printer Utility to open dialog box.
  3.   Click on Driver Settings. Check “Permit temporary black printing” box.
  4. Go to Print Settings. Click Plain papers for media type setting.
  5. Select Grayscale then click ok.
  6.    Run Print.

No black Epson printer ink? No problem. Follow the instructions and continue to print in monochrome while waiting for your replacement to arrive.  

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  • useless fucking advice didn’t do shit

    gfngf on
  • These instructions are no longer valid for any machine running Windows 10.

    Ryan Ricco-Pena on
  • I tried following your instructions, and then tried to reset the cartridges with these instructions:

    And it’s still not working… My printer is Epson L656, any other suggestions? Thanks!

    Isidor on
  • Like Cindy I also cannot print black with magenta empty. Epson instructions elsewhere do not work for me. I changed settings to greyscale but still won’t print.

    Bret on
  • My problem is the opposite. I’m out of magenta and I need to print a document that’s all black ink. I have black and white selected in the print menu but it still won’t let me print. I don’t have a grayscale option. My printer is XP-434

    Cindy on

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