Save Time and Money: Wireless Printer Connectivity

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Step by step instructions to set up wireless printer connectivity:


If you need to add a printer to a wireless network, you require:

  1.  Make beyond any doubt that the printer has no less than one USB port.
  2. Obtain the wireless connector and associate it to the USB port of the printer. Since wireless connectors work with Plug-and-Play innovation, the printer should consequently distinguish it and begin introducing every one of the drivers important for the wireless connector to work legitimately.
  3. To specify which wireless network the printer should associate with, interface the printer to the switch through an Ethernet link and enter the switch’s control board by entering the default IP address into the address bar of any Internet program.
  4. When you enter the switch, a tab shows up for printers, fax machines, and/or different gadgets. Tap on this tab and enter the printer’s MAC address in the fitting field. Subsequent to sparing the progressions, the printer must associate with the switch through a wireless association.


How does the printer wireless connector function?

A wireless printer connector is a gadget that enables you to utilize printers and fax machines without a link, DSL or dial-up association. Wireless printer connectors enable you to put printers anyplace without the limitations of direct link associations. The wireless printer connector can be either a customary wireless connector or a Bluetooth connector.

Wireless printer connectivity and its cord work the same as all different wireless connectors. It interfaces with a printer or fax machine through a USB port or a Firewire port. While the PC changes over advanced data to radio signs for the got connector, the connector changes over radio waves back to computerized data and sends information to the printer where it is deciphered and executed as a print assignment. At the point when the errand is finished, the printer utilizes the wireless printer connector to send a flag to the PC to caution the client.


Libraries, schools and workplaces regularly utilize one focal printer to spare space and decrease equipment costs. Rather than associating every PC to the printer by means of Ethernet links, the vast majority of the organizations utilize wireless printer connectivity.

Points of interest

Utilizing wireless connectors is really a more affordable solution than physically associating a few PCs to a similar printer. Also, wireless printer connectors wipe out confinements on what number of PCs can be associated with a similar gadget, while physical associations can be limited because of the absence of network ports.

The most effective method to set up a wireless printer

It is critical to set the printer sufficiently close to the switch, on the grounds that thusly, the flag will be more grounded. Setting up the printer is extremely basic: you should empower it, and afterward introduce the software on your PC.

Sign into the control board. Find the printer button and double tap. This will open the rundown of printers that you have effectively introduced on the PC. Tap the Add Printer button. This enables you to choose either a nearby printer or a wireless/Bluetooth printer. The undeniable decision here is the tap on the Wireless/Bluetooth tab.

When you do this, it will open the parchment bar while looking for any wireless printers around there. At the point when your printer shows up, double tap. At that point the PC will add it to its rundown of printers for printing. When this is done, open the content report. Snap “Print” and select another wireless printer to check whether it works.

Sharing the printer

The minimum costly solution is to add a neighborhood printer to one of the PCs through wireless printer connectivity, and after that empower the sharing of printers on this PC.

To share the printer in Microsoft Windows:

  1. Click the “Begin” button
  2. Select the “Control Panel” menu
  3. Click the “Printers and Faxes” symbol
  4. Select the printer to share
  5. Select the “Document” menu
  6. Select the “Sharing” menu 

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