Samsung Xpress M2835dw: What Is Network-Ready Printer?

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Samsung Xpress M2835dw is a stand-alone black-and-white laser printer. It is packed with great features including wireless printing. What makes it different from other wireless printers is that it’s network-ready which makes it easier to setup and connect.

What does ‘network-ready’ mean?

M2835dw is a network-ready printer which means buyers have an optional network card. Instead of installing the network manually, a built-in software with network capability is installed in the printer. It may also be called LAN ready.

What is the difference between a wireless printer and a network printer?

 A network printer serves multiple computers. It means that users can use the connected computers to a single printer or printers. The network printer may also be setup through wired connection or wireless.

A wireless printer does not need to be connected with a computer or network of computers. Users can directly print via wireless connection from their mobile devices or computer Bluetooth.

Is it better to buy a network-ready printer?

Network printers such as Samsung Xpress M2835dw can offer many advantages as it is designed specifically for connecting directly to computer network. Businesses especially the large scale ones have been using network connections for their employees to run day-to-day operations more efficiently. Printers with built-in network capability makes setting up faster and more convenient as compared to manually connecting each computer to the printer and vice versa. However, SOHO or Small Office, Home Office network-ready printer versions may also include Ethernet port. 



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