Fixing Printer Problems with HP Print and Scan Doctor

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Most printer manufacturers have their own printer apps and web apps that help make printing more convenient. HP is no different. However, very few printers have their apps or software that will help detect printing issues and troubleshoots. HP Print and Scan Doctor is one software users find effective in fixing printer problems.

What is HP Print and Scan Doctor?

It is a downloadable software that detects and helps resolve printing and scanning issues on HP printers. This application however is only compatible with Windows OS. If you are a Mac user, there are options and web apps that will help resolve your printing issues. 

What kind of printer problems can HP Print and Scan Doctor solve?

Common printing and scanning issues such as outdated printer drivers, connectivity issues (wireless or cabled), scan error messages, firewall problems, printer going offline, stuck print queue or print jobs are some of the problems HP Print and Scan Doctor can fix.

How to download:

  1. Visit and search HP Print and Scan Doctor. Simply click the download button.
  2. Run the program and install. Follow instructions to complete.

How to use:

  1. Open application. Choose your printer. If your printer cannot be detected, turn on printer and click


  1. If you have printing issues, click ‘Fix Printing’. If you have scanning issues, click ‘Fix Scanning’.
  2. The software will run its tests.

There are 4 icons you need to know:

Green check – means your printer has no issues. 

Blue wrench – a printer problem was found and has been resolved.

Yellow triangle – The exclamation mark means a failed system check and was skipped.

Red X – X means an issue/s was found and requires fixing. Follow the instructions to troubleshoot.

There are other printer problems that HP Print and Scan Doctor can fix. What’s clear is that it helps fixing and maintaining the printer its tiptop performance.





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