Samsung SL-C1860FW: What Is NFC?

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What is NFC in printers?

NFC or Near-Field Communication is a feature found in some printers such as Samsung Xpress C1860fw. In printing, it is a technology that allows a printer and mobile device to have a two-way communication in close proximity. 

How is it different from other wireless connection such as Wi-Fi?

NFC is a short-range one-to-one connection of printer and mobile normally only within just a few inches, whereas the other wireless connection such as Wi-Fi is long-range and can easily accessed virtually anywhere within an area or building. By simply enabling the NFC feature on your printer, users don’t even have to download any printing app on their smartphones or connect to any network to print.

How to turn on NFC on my printer or phone?

For printers such as Samsung Xpress C1860fw, NFC icon is the ‘N’ symbol found on the touchscreen menu. As for mobiles especially on Android smartphones, Wireless connection options may include NFC along with Bluetooth, Android Beam, VPN and Wi-Fi connections which can be activated by simply tapping the switch on the dropdown.

How do you turn off NFC on your mobile device?

As convenient as this technology may be, some users do not want to turn on this feature. As this is a close-range sharing application, your device may send or receive data and other information once it is in close proximity with other devices. Depending on your Android version and phone model, NFC can be easily turned off by accessing wireless and networks menu.




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