Replacing Cartridges for the HP Photosmart 7510 and 7520 e-All-in-One Printer Series

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The locations and numbers of ink cartridges depend on the printer model. Replacing an ink cartridge are different for each printer. If you are using HP Photosmart 7520 or Photosmart 7510 ink series, here’s how to replace them correctly and efficiently.


How to replace Photosmart 7510 and 7520 ink cartridges?

  1. Turn on the printer and let it set into idle and silent mode before proceeding.
  2. Locate cartridge access door and open. For HP 7510, it is located on the front cover below the control panel.
  3. Push down the lever of the ink cartridge slot until the lock is released. To remove the cartridge, simply pull it out.
  4. Take the new ink cartridge and remove protective tape. Be careful not to touch the metal part to avoid any problems later.
  5. Find the correct slot according to the cartridge color. Push in the cartridge gently into the slot until the lever locks it into place.
  6. Repeat steps to other ink cartridges.
  7. Close cover lid and run print test.

What ink works with HP 7520 and HP 7510?

HP 7520 uses HP 564XL ink cartridge series in black, cyan, magenta and yellow colors. They high capacity ink cartridges that yields up to 700 pages for black and 550 for color. HP 7510 is a wide-format printer and uses HP 932 and 933 ink cartridge series both in standard and high capacity.

Replace your PhotoSmart ink cartridges and continue to print without delay. If any problems occur during installation, it might be due to these several reasons.

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