Printing iPhone Documents and Data Without AirPrint

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Mobile printing is perhaps one of the most convenient method of printing remotely. You don’t have to get near any computer or printer to be able to produce physical copies of texts and images. However, for iOS users, options seem to be a little limited as not all printers have AirPrint feature. So how do you print iPhone documents and data without AirPrint?

Can you print from iOS devices without AirPrint?

Yes. Although AirPrint is the most direct and easiest way of printing for iOS users, not all printer models have such feature. Therefore, your alternative is to use printing apps to allow you to print from your iPhone, iPad or any other iOS devices.

What are some of the popular iOS printing apps?

Printer Pro – is a popular printing app capable of printing texts and images from different sources or formats. It allows users to print directly from iOS devices to a wireless printer connection. It supports documents in PDF, TXT, HTML or JPG formats as well as web pages. Pricing at $4.99 in the App Store, this app has user-friendly interface and easy to navigate.

HP ePrint – This printing app is for HP printer owners. If you have a wireless HP printer, the easiest way to printing from mobile or cloud is through e-Print. It works for Android, iOS and Windows users. The best part is it’s free to download.

Epson iPrint – Another manufacturer’s printing app is for Epson wireless printer users. Like the previous printing apps, it is also capable of printing different formats and sources. It allows users to print their files not only from iOS devices but cloud storage sites as well.  With Epson iPrint, not only can you print from your iPhone, but also scan documents and images to your phone.

How to print from iOS without AirPrint?

  1. Download your preferred printing app and install it on your iOS device.
  2. Open printing app and follow necessary instructions to connect.
  3. Open wireless connection -  wi-fi or USB.
  4. Tap Add Printer. Your device will automatically search for your wireless printer.
  5. Select printer model and add to your mobile.
  6. Once printer is added successfully, calibrate your printing preferences.
  7. To print, open file you want to print. Select PRINT on options and choose your printer model then Print.  

Print even your iPhone documents and data even without AirPrint. All you need is a printing app and a wireless connection and you’re good to print.

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