Kodak Verite 55 Wireless Inkjet Printer Review

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Kodak Verite 55 is perhaps the most popular inkjet printers Kodak has produced. This multifunction wireless printer is inexpensive, compact and delivers consistent prints. What makes this printer different from other in the market? Let’s review this printer before Kodak completely stops manufacturing printers.


What are the best features of Kodak Verite 55?

There are few advantages and features this wireless printer has. Firstly, it’s convenient, compact and a space-saver. Its two main functions are printing and scanning and has an Eco Mode that we actually find useful – something that is not commonly found at printer of the same price point. 


The Eco Mode button reduces 30% of Kodak printer ink usage. Something that most users would find very significant in lowering operational costs. It can also scan directly from smartphone or any compatible mobile devices. Note though that this printer is designed for occasional and personal printing requirements. It also has NFC  connection


What Kodak printer ink does it use?

Verite 55 uses XXL black and XL colour ink cartridges of Kodak Verite 5 ink series. They are fast-drying and water-resistant so you can get the printing task done quickly and efficiently.


Is it worth it to buy this printer?

Although there are many printers that offers the same features and print quality Kodak printer has to offer, the most advantageous perhaps are the price of the printer and ink itself. Kodak Verite 55 has one of the cheapest operational cost and considering the nature of the company, they offer high quality inks that capture colors that are more vibrant and sharp.

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