HP Laserjet Pro: Can Printing Double-sided Help Save Costs?

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Printer models nowadays like Hp Laserjet Pro series has auto-duplexer feature which allows double-sided printing. Many ignore and do not fully take advantage of this special capability. Printing is a vital process in day-to-day operation. But without using duplex, your company might be using resources more than it should be.

Why print double-sided?

Duplex printing offers advantages that directly impacts daily operations. One of which streamlines work for efficiently.

Paper cost reduction – One of the major advantages of printing double-sided is it reduces paper wastes by 50%. Printing on both sides eliminates the use of another fresh blank paper. The less paper used, the less supplies used, the less need for repurchase anytime soon. Therefore, it saves on paper cost and overall printing budget.

More space for filing system – The reduction of paper volume through duplex-printing also reduces the need for more space when filing and archiving documents.

Saves resources – Printers like Hp Laserjet Pro series have auto-duplexer. Printing double-sided uses less toner and a less more especially when set in Draft Mode. This is recommended when printing less important documents. By changing the printer’s default settings on toner usage, it actually increases the cartridge’s page yield. In addition, double-sided printing consumes less energy. Continuous single-printing uses a lot of energy. Double-sided printing cuts the use of resources by half and in effect the energy consumption to complete the requirement.

What are the two-ways of printing double-sided?

Not all printers are created equal. Unlike Hp Laserjet Pro that has automatic duplexer, some printers have manual duplexing. Auto-duplexer has two engine machines that automatically flips the paper and ejects paper already printed on both sides. With manual duplexing, the paper has to be fed twice and manually in order to be printed on both sides.

How do I set my printer in duplex mode?

  2. Select your printer model.
  5. If your printer does not have auto-duplexer, Click PROPERTIES.
  6. Click MORE OPTIONS and select two-sided. Then click OK.

Double-sided printing is a great way to practice green printing in the office. It’s a win-win situation – you save money and do your business in an eco-friendly manner.

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