HP Laserjet P2035: How To Clean HP Printer Parts Rollers?

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HP Laserjet P2035 is a great monochrome printer known for its speed, compact design and high quality output. But like any other printers, its parts also gets worn, damaged and requires replacements no matter the maintenance and careful use. Other than printer cartridges, there are also interior parts that gets worn such as precision rollers. But what is it and why does it needs to be replaced?

What are printer rollers?

Printer rollers are the rubber pieces found on your paper feeder. They are responsible for the smooth passing of papers during printing process. However, they get dusts, toner or ink stains and eventually get worn. Replacements are not always as often, but cleaning them will help prevent paper jams and other printer problems.

Why do we need to clean the rollers?

Paper rollers when clean makes the paper feeding run smoothly. There are no paper jams and output produced are clean. When toner or ink stains the rollers, it can cause skewed, tainted or blurry prints.

 How do you clean printer rollers?

  1. Turn off and unplug printer.
  2. Locate paper rollers. As for HP Laserjet P2035, they are found on the paper feed and output tray. (You might need to remove the paper tray to see the rollers.)
  3. Prepare lint-free cloth and clean water. NO solvent or alcohol as it dries the rubber and may lead to crack.
  4. Damp (not wet) the cloth and gently clean the rollers. Roll them so you can clean the entire rollers. Leave to dry.
  5. Reinstall paper tray.
  6. Plug and turn on printer. Run a test print.

Keep your Laserjet P2035 HP printer parts clean for better printer performance and results.




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