How to Set Up HP Printer and Use HP ePrint

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HP ePrint is a convenient printing application for HP printer users. It features wireless printing, web printing, mobile printing and direct to printer capabilities. Here’s our guide on how to set up.

What are the requirements to set up HP printer for ePrint?

 There are 2 basic things needed for HP ePrint. One is that it only works on wireless printers and second, the printer must be HP ePrint enabled. Here’s how to check whether your printer is compatible;


  1. Look for an HP ePrint logo, button or icon. It can be found easily on the printer control panel. HP LaserJet Pro 400 supports ePrint and has a built-in wireless connection.
  2. If your printer’s control panel does not show the icon or button, check on Web Services Setup, Network Setup or Wireless Settings. Navigate the web services menu.
  3. You can also check online to make sure your printer is ePrint supported.
  4. Connect your printer to an Ethernet or wireless internet connection.

How to setup HP ePrint?

  1. Turn on computer or directly turn on printer.
  2. Wireless printers such as HP LaserJet Pro 400 or Photosmart series display an option to automatically connect to a wireless network without the need for a computer. Press YES to connect. Enter password/passphrase if required.
  3. Once connected to the internet, an option of activating the web services will appear on the control panel/screen. Simply press OK to enable ePrint.
  4. Setup the email address of your printer. Select services you want to use.
  5. After selecting and setting up your email address, a manual on how to use ePrint tools and applications will be printed. This will allow you to limit recipients, emails address and more for setup.

How to print using ePrint?

HP ePrint handles print jobs that were sent via email address (the one you setup for your printer). You can send any print jobs from your computer, mobile devices and online storage anytime as long as you have access to the HP printer’s email address and an internet connection. It’s like sending an email, the only difference is your recipient will be your HP printer.

  1. To send using your mobile, simply fill out the To: field of the printer’s email address. Make sure to add a subject line. HP ePrint tends to cancel a print job without a subject line.
  2. ePrint allows you to print up to 10MB size of images and attachments. However, attachments are limited only up to 10 individual files.
  3. When ready, simply send the document or image you want to print.


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