How To Print From Android Without Wireless Network

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What is Wi-Fi Direct?

Wi-fi Direct also called Wi-fi P2P is a technology that enables devices to connect with another device without the need for a wireless access point. It basically works like Bluetooth. The connected devices can exchange information, browse internet and more. This type of technology has now become common or standard for many wireless devices and printers just like HP Laserjet Pro M277dw.

How do you connect an Android device to Wi-fi Direct?


From Android, you can print from a wi-fi direct printer such as HP Laserjet Pro M277dw or any HP printer that has this feature. All you need is to update or install to your Android device the HP Print Service Plugin through Google Playstore. Enable the app to search for any HP wireless nearby.


From your printer, simply turn on your HP wireless printer and tap on the wi-fi direct icon. On some printer models, you might need to press and hold the button to reveal wi-fi direct password and name. For easy discoverability, you can also opt to set your wireless method to automatic to get the default password 12345678.

To connect HP wireless printer to Android:

  1.   Turn on Wi-fi on your Android phone. No need to be connected to a wireless network.
  2.   Tap on your printer model HP Laserjet Pro M277dw and type in password (if there is any) to connect.

How to print from Android using Wi-fi Direct?

  1.   Simply open the file you want to print.
  2.   Tap on the menu icon to open drop down.
  3.   You can change your printing preference or format or tap on Print.
  4.   Select your HP wireless printer and print.

Since there is no wireless access point for printing on Wi-fi Direct, you have to be in a considerable distance to be able to print. If your printer name does not show on your options, move closer to the printer and try again.

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