How To Find A Printer IP Address

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Setting up a network printer would require you to know the IP address of the device. It is also not uncommon for problems to arise on a network printer and often times require you to find the IP Address to be able to properly fix it. How do you find the IP address of a network printer like HP Officejet Pro 6978? Here are some proven methods how:

How do find a printer IP address?

Configuration Sheet

There are printers like the HP Officejet Pro 6978 that allows you to print a configuration page. Configuration sheet has all your printer information including the network and IP address it is connected with.

To print, go to MENU then select INFORMATION and PRINT CONFIGURATION.

For automated printing, you can press and hold the GO or POWER button for about 5 to 10 seconds.

However, it may be different on other printer models. You may need to check your printer manual to check how to print the configuration sheet.

Navigate Printer’s control panel

Access and navigate your printer’s control panel. On HP Officejet Pro 6978 menu options, navigate through the NETWORK SETTINGS.  The printer’s IP address will be accessible.

Printer Properties

Access the printer properties from your computer or computer the printer is connected to. The following steps are for Microsoft Window users.

  2. Select your printer model. Right click to open drop down options. Click on PRINTER PROPERTIES.
  3. Select PORTS to access the printer network. It will show the IP address of your printer.

Find your printer IP address using these methods and set up your network printer or fix some printing issues.



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