How Efficient Is Small Laser Printer In An Office?

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In an age of efficiency and promptness, you need a small laser printer that works best for your varied and numerous printing needs. There are a good amount of efficient laser printers that are available in the market today. These range from being a budget laser and nifty office laser printer.

Here is a list of common FAQs that often come to mind when choosing an efficient laser printer in office:


What is the monthly duty cycle of the small laser printer with a toner cartridge?

Efficient printers are mostly designed to carry a specific workload in a day or even a month. If you are able to match the print volume and the printer’s capacity in a month, you can then reduce the risk of unexpected repairs and breakdowns. You also need to check the monthly duty cycle of each printer with the technical specifications to understand the printing power of any laser printer.

What is the print speed of an efficient laser printers for offices?

The print speeds or the PPM (known as the pages per minute) vary from one model to another. The budget friendly small laser printers often have print speeds of 8-24 pages per minute. The high end models often print 30-50 pages or more. Some also have a print speed of 500 words per minute, though this is rare for some expensive models. Needless to say, the efficiency tops for these.

What are the costs involved in printing?

The costs per page are often an important thing to consider when you are shopping for an efficient laser printer. This is critical as printing often includes the rampant use of toner cartridges. Each of these cartridges comes with different page yields and price tags. In case you want to find out the cost of the printer use per page, divide the printer’s page yield by the cost of the ink cartridge.

What kinds of paper size are used in small laser printer in offices?

The commonly used paper is the legal sized paper – used in office settings for prolific printing use. Some of the compact models may not be ideal for these printers. It is advisable that papers used in home printers should not be used in offices. Purchasing legal sized paper for printing in small laser printers in offices is a must. In case you would want a larger size of paper, other than legal, you may require a larger laser printer too!

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