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Few products hit consumers more than expensive ink cartridges for their printers. They usually cost from $10 to $50 for the cartridge and most printers require at least two or three. You may need to replace every couple of months depending on how many vacation photos or school reports you print. The ink inside these cartridges can cost from $10 to $70 plus an ounce which can be more expensive than other branded items. But the new line of Epson printers promises to provide an alternative. Epson Ecotank printer the Epson ET MFP series are the revolutionary cartridge-free printers  that have large capacities for refilling ink instead of buying new cartridges.

This article discusses several frequently asked questions by both printer owners and customers about Epson ecotank printing. Today, designers are more than happy that they can use Epson Ecotank printing with four-color options which gives them better pictures and better quality.

Let’s look at a few frequently asked questions

What kind of print quality will I get with Epson Ecotank printer?

Epson Ecotank is very different from conventional printers and offset printing. Epson Ecotank printers use ink tanks that can be easily top up to print continuously. It can print thousands of pages which equals to 84 ink cartridges. That’s 70% more pages than ink cartridges. However, its cheapness does not affect the quality of printouts. Using the patented Epson color inks and printhead, users can expect finer images, clearer texts similar to the quality of Epson Stylus printers.  The only difference is its ultra-low-cost per page.

Can I select paper for printing?

Yes. You can choose any media paper you want as long as the printer manual indicates that it will work well on the Epson printer for best output quality. Manufacturer manuals include the paper size, media type and paper capacity for each printer.

Do I have to buy new ink cartridges?

The best advantage of Epson Ecotank is it eliminates the need to buy expensive ink cartridges. Instead, it offers refillable tanks that can hold more ink and can be stored for 2 years.

What about Pantone colors?

Nowadays, most Epson Ecotank printers convert CMYK into Pantone Colors equivalents  which can give out finer and higher resolution images and photo qualities. However, not all Epson printer are capable of this. Only those that have 6-8 color cartridge system can cover 98% of Pantone Colors with accuracy. Some presets allow you to specify your own combination or conversion formula, and since converting CMYK to Pantone colors is a method of printing, you may not have a problem.

How do I know when it’s time to refill?

Epson Ecotanks are placed on the side of the printer and are made of clear plastic. You can clearly see when the inks are on low levels aside from the the printer’s warning. Don’t worry, each ink bottle is high yield which makes refilling less frequent.

How clear and refined are the texts printed?

The quality of Epson Ecotank printing greatly improved that you do not need to worry about small fonts. Prints come out as precised and refined even with smaller text characters.

How to make the black look richer?

You can use a mixture of CMYK and adjust the resolution of your printer. This is the same formula for other inkjet printing. When you add other colors to black, this causes the toner to overload the area with toner or ink. This can be used to make your text popular, just slightly reduce the color.

What are the models of Epson Ecotank printer series?

Epson Ecotank printer models are built for home office and small-scale businesses. The Epson ET-2600 , ET-2650 and EcoTank ET-4550 are best for busy households and small offices. These 3-in-1 inkjet with Wi-Fi are capable of printing from 7,500- 11,000 pages in color. For home office, the ideal models are EcoTank ET-3600 and EcoTank ET-4500 which offers print, copy, scan and fax functions. Epson EcoTank ET-14000 is a super high yield MFP for A3+ printing and offers 2 black ink tanks.

How much can I actually save per print?

Epson ET series offers ultra-low cost per page and cost of ownership as compared to common inkjet printers that use ink cartridges. For instance, if you’re printing with EcoTank ET-4500 for 500 pages on a monthly basis, your cost per page runs for only 1 cent as compared to the average market price of 12 cents per page.

What other features do Epson Ecotank printers have?

Epson ET series boasts high connectivity and wireless printing. It has Wi-Fi with auto-setup, Wi-Fi Direct and Ethernet. It supports Android and iOS users on Epson’s free iPrint app. ET series also supports AirPrint.

What are the advantages of buying Epson Ecotank printer?

The advantages and benefits users get for using inkjet printers are still available and can be enjoyed. The only difference is that the ET series is more environmentally friendly due to its cartridge-free feature. High volume ink tanks prints more pages and eliminate the need to buy ink cartridge replacements. It also offers higher print yield as compared to ink cartridges that are low and very limited in number. It’s easier to setup and easier to maintain.

Overall, Epson Ecotank printer series offers a more eco-friendly alternative, convenience and higher savings on printing supplies and operation.

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