Canon PIXMA MP237: How To Fix Canon Printer Errors

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Printer errors are inevitable. Therefore, it is important to have the basic know-hows in printer troubleshooting to avoid further delays in printing and damage. Multifunction printers like Canon PIXMA MP237 are more prone to errors due to its more complex interior. Below are some of the common Canon printer errors and their fixes.

What are the most common Canon printer errors?

Error 02 -03


This error message appears because of paper problems. It could mean:

  •         Paper jam
  •         Paper roller is not picking up
  •         Printer detects no paper


Start from the middle – Press resume printing. When removing a paper jam, avoid pulling stuck paper from the front cover. Instead, pull it from the paper tray. If there’s a number of paper stuck, start from the middle and pull out one paper at a time.

Clean paper rollers – Either the paper roller needs replacing or cleaning. Whichever is the reason, check if the paper roller is worn out or dirty. Also, make sure that they are aligned well to the paper.

Reload paper – Restart printer and reload paper. Depending on the paper size and type of paper, observe the maximum capacity of the paper feeder and alignment.

Error 05:


  •         Canon printer ink cartridge was not properly installed.  
  •         A wrong printer cartridge was installed.
  •         Print head is not detected by the printer.

For Canon MP237 series, an orange light that blinks 5 times is one of the telltales of this error.


Reinstall cartridge – Try removing the Canon ink cartridge and install it again. If your printer uses multicolors, make sure that each cartridge is installed to its designated compartment.

Clean ink cartridge – If the print head is not detected, this could mean that the ink cartridge may be dirty or clogged. Clean your Canon printer ink cartridge and reinstall.

Reset counter – A cartridge page yield is monitored through a smart counter. When the maximum page number is reached, regardless whether the cartridge still has ink or not, the printer will show low ink level and halt until a replacement is installed. However, you can bypass this by resetting the counter. Depending on the printer model, you can reset functions and counters by following instructions.

Error 5100


This is a service error. The printer may have trouble picking up the paper due to foreign objects or stopper.


Restart printer –Turn off printer and detach cables. Reconnect the cables and turn it on again. Wait until printer is fully ready then run test print.

Remove stopper or foreign objects – if your printer is new, the stopper or the orange tape located on the cartridge compartment and paper rollers might still be attached. Remove them carefully and check printer again.  For foreign object, turn off and unplug printer before searching for objects in the printer that may be causing the problem.

Canon PIXMA MP237 has two error lights that blink whenever a problem occurs – orange for service error and green for other issues. Learn these errors and their fixes and maintain your printer’s optimum performance.

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