Adjusting Color Laser Printers Resolution

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What is Color laser printers resolution?

Resolution also called dpi (dots per inch) is the measure of dot density of ink or toner on a paper in every square inch. It varies on printer models and functions. The standard resolution for a printer is 600 dpi both for color laser printers and monochromes. This is sufficient to produce high quality texts and simple images. Rule of the thumb is, the higher the resolution, the crispier and sharper the printout gets.  

Can we optimize DPI?

Yes. There are printers that are capable of different resolutions especially color laser printers meant for photo printing. The usual home and office printers offer resolutions that can be optimized from 200 to 300 dpi for grayscale up to 600- 720 dpi or 1200 and 1440 dpi. If you are a professional photographer, you might be looking at printers capable of 2880 dpi up to 4800 dpi.

Can resolution affect printouts?

Yes. Resolution plays a huge significance in achieving high quality output; although not entirely. If your purpose is for day-to-day text and document printing, then a color laser printer with standard resolution will suffice. If you are more into graphic and photo printing, you might want to invest on high-resolution inkjet printer. Using the right type of paper for the print also makes a lot of difference on the output.

How to adjust printer resolution?

To adjust the print quality and resolution of color laser printers, you will have to access and change the default settings.

  1.    Go to PRINTERS AND DEVICES. Click on your printer model.
  3.    Click on your preferred settings including black or color, resolution, print thickness, draft mode etcetera.
  4.    Click APPLY. Click OK.

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