What is Page Yield?

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Page yield can be defined as a number of pages that you can print with a printer cartridge. It is also known as cartridge yield. Many cartridge manufacturers use the terms “standard yield” or “high yield” to describe their printer cartridge, but each cartridge should have a page yield value. It is the number of pages a cartridge can print under normal condition. Page yield is one of the major factors you have to consider when buying a printer cartridge since it gives you an estimation of the cost per page for a given cartridge.

Printing is an essential activity in most businesses. Therefore, issues related to printing costs and performance plays a central role in management. The types of printers and cartridges the company invests in are therefore crucial to the way the business performs. This is one of the reasons most companies opt to purchase a high yield toner cartridge instead of a standard cartridge. This preference is as a result of several factors.

The main advantage these cartridges have over standard cartridges is affordable prices. High yield printing cartridges are not only affordable but also have impressive performances. These cartridges give similar or better performance when compared to standard cartridges. For a company aiming at producing high-quality prints, these toners are highly recommended.

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