What is MICR Toner Cartridge?

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If you have ever wondered how your cheques have perfect bold fonts then you may want to ask what is MICR toner cartridge? To begin, the acronym MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. This is a standard electronic process that is used to read sensitive documents such as bank cheques through high speed magnetic equipment and a MICR toner. So, what is MICR toner cartridge?

An MICR toner is a toner that can be magnetized and then be translated into characters by a specialized machine. These unique characters are the modern-day fingerprints that are regularly used to prevent frauds. The toner is read by these specialize and sensitive machines especially when it is arranged in a pattern like or in a specific syntax.

What is the difference between standard toner and MICR Toner?

MICR toners usually cost much more than ordinary toners. This is because they cost a lot more to make.

MICR toners are commonly used by people who want to print their own cheques. The MICR characters are normally printed on the bottom of checks allowing for highly accurate and automatic reading of institutional routing numbers and checking account numbers.

Standard toners have a high-quality standard to pass just like MICR toners, however, MICR toners normally do further additional scans for errors.

Inkjet printers do not mix with MICR meaning that you cannot use MICR ink in an inkjet printer. This is because the liquid ink is supposed to flow out past a small resister that generates a substantial amount of magnetic field. Therefore, for you to use MICR technology and print your own cheques, you will need a laser printer. Also, a regular toner cannot be read by a MICR reader whether it is used or OEM. Although it may appear to be as bold and dark in color, it doesn’t contain the necessary components for it to be magnetized by the reader.


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