Top 5 Things To Do With Old Toner Cartridge

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When your toner is finished do you simply throw the toner cartridge into your office or home dustbin? Well, every year millions of empty old toner cartridges are disposed into the trash ending up in incinerators or our planet’s landfills. Toner cartridges have very fine particles made from polymer making them among the most environmentally damaging items that people normally throw away. The toner or ink stored in the cartridge leaches into the water or soil thereby poisoning the environment for many years to come. Fortunately, there are better ways to dispose of them well. Here is what to do with old toner cartridge.

Mail it back to the manufacturer
Many toner cartridge makers usually include a special envelope in the package specifically for this purpose. It’s, therefore, important to keep this envelope until the cartridge is finished. You can then seal the used cartridge and send it back to the manufacturer. Once they receive this, most companies usually offer rebates. For larger cartridges, look for a bigger box or envelope and send it back to the company.

Recycle it locally
There are higher chances that your local recycling company may take these used cartridges. Just get in touch with the center ahead of time and visit their website so that you can know about their policy. Recycling at your local center is also another fast and convenient way to recycle old toner cartridges. Before sending them for recycling confirm whether there are any requirements concerning how toners and cartridges should be packed.

Sell used cartridges

If you would like to get some money, you can sell the used cartridges. Some organizations will actually pay you for your older toner cartridges. These are companies which do business that tend to use a high volume of toner and ink cartridges and often needs a set number. You can save cartridges by keeping a container at the corner of your room or office. Once you have enough, you can sell them.

Look for sites online that buy used cartridges
Currently, there are many websites which buy used cartridges. Most sites will pay between 25 cents to $4 depending on the kind of older ink or toner cartridge that you have. This will not only make you money but will also help in protecting the environment. Once the buyer is interested in your old toner cartridge he will communicate to you so that you can send them the package and receive the money.

Donate to non-profit organizations

Many non-profit and charity organization usually accept a donation of used cartridges. You can mail your used cartridge to a national group or donate to locale group. They can decide with the manufacturers to receive some money in exchange of older toner cartridges. You can then include this as charity donation in your tax returns. Before donating, carefully review their policies so as not make any mistake. This is also what to do with old toner cartridge.

Wrap up
Disposing an old toner cartridge safely is very important when it comes to the protection of the environment. If everyone plays his part, the environment will be safe.

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