HP Wireless Printer: Wireless Printing At Home And In The Office

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HP wireless printer and recent models are now capable of printing documents and photos without the need to connect to a computer. This has been the most convenient method for many to get instant printouts.

How do you print wireless?

The first requirement to print wireless is the printer having a wireless connectivity feature. Not many printer has this capability. So you might want to check it first. If your printer is wireless, here are some easy steps to connect.

Install driver and printer

Download the latest printer software from the manufacturer’s website. If you own an HP wireless printer, install the compatible driver.  Once installed, select wi-fi or usb bluetooth as your wireless connectivity option and set it as your default printer through your computer’s control panel. Make sure to connect the printer to the wi-fi network. Any device will find your printer’s name for printing.

Connect device to printer

Your device and printer must find each other. There are printers that require an app to be downloaded for mobile printing. Connect wirelessly to the printer you want to print your documents or photos.

What kind of devices can be used to connect wirelessly to the printer?

Mobile devices such as phones, tablets and other devices capable of Bluetooth or wi-fi can print wirelessly. Many printer brands such as HP wireless printers connects iOS devices to print via AirPrint. For most Android users, cloud printing such as Google Cloud Print is commonly used. If your camera is capable of wi-fi connectivity, you can also print directly from it without the need of the camera attached to the printer or computer.

Can I print anytime, anywhere using wireless connectivity?

Yes. As long as your device stays connected to the printer, you can always print wherever you are in the office or in your house. If you’re away from your home or office, you can still print via cloud print. Just send the document to your printer to print.

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