HP ePrint : What Is It?

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What is HP ePrint?

This is a technology that offers a various printing methods for tablets, laptops, smartphones and other computing devices. It mostly uses cloud infrastructure to offer the printing services for HP ePrinting hardware that are specific. This also includes applications with hardware enabled network printing.


What is HP ePrint feature?

These are the set of service options that are made available from the HP ePrint. These services include:


  • ePrint through Email; this feature is available for most of its printers and allow users to print documents attached to the messages they receive in the form of emails. Printing is achieved when users send their documents the specific HP ePrint printer email address that is default set by the HP ePrint Center but is customizable to the users. It supports different document types ranging from HTML files to Microsoft Word documents.


  • ePrint Public Print Locations; this feature services allows users to be able to print their documents from their mobile devices using the HP ePrint application. These application applications are made available through all the mobile based platforms i.e. Android and Apples play store. When a user wishes to print, they send the job to the public print locations. This service the replies with a notification that contains the authorization code for that printing session. This code provides security by inhibiting abuse of print jobs sent to it. The service then locates using GPS public printers nearby. The user is then directed to its location where they can print.


  • ePrint Enterprise; this service is made available for users in large organizations or networks with private clouds managed in department preferably IT. It incorporates both features discussed above thus allowing users to conveniently do their printing jobs at ease.


  • ePrint Direct Wireless Printing; this service allows users to access the printers wirelessly to perform their print jobs. This is achieved through compatible applications that synchronize with printers to accomplish the task. These range from Apple airprint applications to basic mobile applications for HP ePrint.


What is HP ePrint?

HP ePrint is a technology that provides numerous printing services to anyone and everyone who needs it. This is through the various features incorporated to it to make sure that each user need is met. This ensures that users get their best quality print jobs with minimal hustle on how to achieve it. This also includes a simple interface that allows users to easily navigate through the service options available to them for the printing jobs.


What is the advantage of HP ePrint?


The main advantage of the HP ePrint is that it is software independent i.e. it does not require drivers in your device in order to be able to accomplish a print job. Therefore, any and all devices with the necessary access can achieve this any of the set printing services available for it. It also supports numerous document formats that allows users to achieve print jobs for the document types that they have. This offers the users the best experience at the lowest hassle.

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