HP Inkjet Printers Rejects Compatible Printer Cartridges

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Last year, HP has updated their firmware which outraged printer owners. The stealth update suddenly refused to accept compatible consumables or third-party cartridges. The company confirmed that the update on their HP inkjet printers were added protection and security on their “innovations and intellectual property”. Users know that OEM inkjet cartridges costs more than blood. Is there any way to get past this firmware update?

What were the effects of this update?

There are many third-party manufacturers who were affected by this sudden changes. In one day, many users complained about their printers not recognizing cartridge replacements. For instance, HP Deskjet 3755 flashes “ink cartridge error” when installing a compatible cartridge. Other HP inkjet printers shows errors to remove and replace cartridges or the cartridge is damaged.

Is there any method to get past the firmware update?

Yes. HP actually announced a solution to this problematic update. They immediately issued an optional firmware update which allows printer owners the choice not to install updates. However, not updating your HP inkjet printers’ firmware may affect printing performance.  The best thing to do is to carefully choose which automatic updates you want to install.

You can buy compatible cartridges that can work or compatible with the firmware update. The best chance to solve this problem is to buy a new set of compatible cartridges. Many of the recently produced ink cartridges are now compatible with the controversial firmware.

Inkjet printers like HP Deskjet 3755 are low specs printers that gives owners high quality prints for basic printing requirements. However, if firmware updates do not allow cheaper ink alternatives, its consumables may cost more than the printer itself.

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