Common Lexmark X5650 Cartridge Errors

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What are the common Lexmark x5650 cartridge error?

Some of the common errors related to printer cartridges are Errors 1102, 1203, 1204, or 120F and 929.

Error 1102 or 1200

This error message flashes when the cartridge/s is incorrectly installed or snapped in. Wrong installation of cartridge replacements causes communication problem between the printhead and the printer.

Error 1203, 1204 or 120F

This error also has something to do with installing the printer cartridge. This error message is related to alignment problems; which means a printer cartridge or cartridges is short or was not align with the other cartridges. A foreign object blocking the cartridge’s path may also another reason.

Error 929

This error message is shown when the printer reads the printer cartridge as damaged or defective.  The toner sensor appears to be not working properly and may warn about replacing a new cartridge.

What are the basic solutions to these Lexmark X5650 Cartridge Errors?

Fortunately, when any of these error messages appear on your Lexmark X5650, you can use one solution to them all – reinstalling the cartridge. Here are the steps.

  1.    Turn off power and unplug printer.
  2.    Open the control panel to access the printer cartridge.
  3.    Check each cartridge’s alignment. Check for foreign object inside the printer. Check if the printer cartridges are securely locked or snapped in their places.
  4.    Reconnect power cord and electrical outlet.
  5.    Power on and wait for the printer to read the cartridges.
  6.    IF the same message appears, repeat the process.
  7.    If problem persists, you might need to install a new printer cartridge.

Printer errors are inevitable. Therefore, it is important to learn the basics troubleshooting to prevent them from happening. Better yet, make sure that you install quality replacements to your Lexmark X5650.

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