HP Envy Printer Instant Ink Ready?

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Like most HP Envy printer, HP Envy 5660 E-all-in-one printer is loaded with the basic features and apps making it one of the best-selling multifunction printer in marketplaces. But what caught most buyers is its Instant-ink-ready.

What is HP Instant Ink?

HP instant ink is an initiative of the manufacturer for ink cartridge replacement. It is both a program and a printer feature which signals the manufacturer when ink levels are low then replacements will be shipped to you. HP Envy 5660 E-all-in-one printer has this feature.

Are all HP Envy Printer have this feature?

No. Although many of the recent of models of the series have this feature, the printer still needs to be enrolled in the program to be eligible. The HP Instant ink requires wireless connection, internet connection and a debit or credit card for charges. The recent wireless models of HP Envy are eligible for the program.

Does it have monthly charges?

The charges depends on your print plans. It is available in different plans that will fit your budget and printing needs. If you choose a monthly plan, then you will be charge a fixed rate for your printing pages. If it happens that you were not able to consume your pages, the remaining number will roll over to next month in addition to the new full number pages. However, the current plan for the month is the first to consume. The roll over pages are set as your backup to prevent additional charges.

What are the downside of this program?

Although being enrolled to HP Instant Ink creates less hassle to look for replacement ink cartridges, the number of disadvantages also overturns the upsides. For example, if you enroll your HP Envy 5660 E-all-in-one printer on a monthly plan, you will be charged of the same fee regardless whether the plan was consumed or not. It may also take up to 10 days for your replacements to arrive. That is, if the program is available in your area. The program may not be available in your country, state or region. Another disadvantage is the OEM price. We all know that OEM price tags are quite high to maintain. If your page plan is higher, then you will be spending heaps in no time regardless whether you are using your printing frequently.

HP Envy printer models are now packed with features that makes it a great partner for your creative outlet. It is also eligible for HP Instant ink program. Weigh the pros and cons before enrolling your printer.

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