Dell E310dw: Why Single Function Printers Still Persists

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Nowadays, multifunction printer is the main workhorse for most companies no matter the scale of the workgroup. They are highly recommended for their many features and some for their affordability. But if you are only using a printer for occasional printing,then single function monochrome printers like Dell E310dw can do a sufficient printing job.

Why stand-alone printers do still persists in the business world?

Single-function printers like the Dell monochrome printer E310dw still persist in the market because they still offer the necessary functionalities for many users. Not all who needs a printer requires fax, copy or scan features. There are few workgroup and businesses that can thrive by only using a single monochrome printer like Dell E310dw. With today’s technology, many of these models also offer wireless connectivity, Ethernet, Airprint and high capacity paper trays.

What are the advantages of using a single-function Dell monochrome printer?

For one, it only requires one color of toner – black. Dell E310dw toner cartridge for instance can reach up to 2,600 pages to which is sufficient for any document creation. It also saves space and costs. Repairs can also be a lot less troublesome unlike for multifunction printers which you need to surrender as a whole when one of its functions is not working. Since printing is the only main requirement in the office, then a single-function printer can do the task. Most of the businesses nowadays also consider outsourcing document creation for fax and scanning since they are a lot cheaper than having an equipment in the office.

Dell E310dw is a great stand-alone printer that offers many features. If you are looking for print-only functionality for a small workgroup or personal printer, then this option is for you.

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