HP 61 Ink: Tri-color Cartridge vs Individual Ink Cartridge

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  • HP 61 Ink Tri-Color Cartridge
  • Color: Tri – color
  • Cartridge Capacity (approx.)165 pages
  • Salient Features

A wide range of color documents, reports along with letters which have a great aesthetic value. This HP 61 ink cartridge is well versed and designed to ensure user-friendly features along with consistency. Reliability in performance is on par with excellence. The number of pages taken as the output in parallel to the compatibles is almost double in quantity. Being a tri-color ink cartridge, does it make any difference than using other types?

Individual Ink Cartridges

Ink Cartridges don’t last forever and they require replacement along with expensive value attached to it. In fact replacing an entire set of cartridge may cost around the printer did in the first place?

Normal Inkjet printers mainly comprises of 3 colors Cyan , Magenta and Yellow. This is accompanied by black Ink to produce the necessary output. Some models use a single cartridge for every color, while others might use tri-color ink cartridge. Moreover, some of the Inkjet models use extra colors such as light cyan and light magenta to ensure a higher color productivity along with printing photos.

Comparison between HP 61 ink tri- color cartridge & Individual ink cartridge

Ink Cartridges for each separate color is the best mode of carrying out the process of printing. If a single system runs down, then too the user can continue the process of printing with other options available, rather than the complex setup. However, this arrangement is variable as the printer may to purge Ink from all the cartridges, which leads to its wear out condition. Moreover, replacing a single cartridge in comparison to tri-color ink cartridge each time may add up to cost inefficiency as well.

So both the options in totality can be considered depending on the needs of the user. If the needs are modest and on a weekly basis then having a Multi-Ink cartridges may prove to be the best feasible option from all directions. If the needs are cumbersome and that too on a daily basis, then single Ink cartridges may prove to the best case.

Costing in both cases also plays a vital role. In the case of single Ink Cartridges, the cost of replacement is quite low as the usage involves a single color. On the other hand, in case of tri-color Ink cartridge, the cost of replacement may act as a source of high investment with a lesser scale profit, if it is done on a regular basis.

So the difference between clearly depends on various factors like costing, usage and the biggest of them the efficiency along with the Q-factor in each case.

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