How Many A4 Size Page Does Your Toner Cartridge Can Print On?

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The only way that you can decide if your printer is made to save your money is by adopting the 5% rule.In the print industry, there is a standard to determine whether your printer is economical and beneficial for you or not. 5% of the toner on an A4 size page is a standard measurement which is used by the print industry, its consumers as well as exporters and manufacturers of printers to determine how many pages a cartridge can print.


What is this 5% coverage on an A4 size paper?

In nontechnical terms, ISO which stands for the International body of standardization came up with a way manufacturers could explain to their consumer base about the numbers of pages a single cartridge could print on an A4 size paper before the toner ran out so far.


How do the manufacturers measure this?

The manufacturers print on A 4 papers using their cartridges and use black and white colors, no use of graphics and only certain standardized fonts to determine how long it can go on for without running out of toner.

How does this make my life easier as a consumer?

This helps you to measure costs between two printers and decide which one will save you money so far. For e.g.: if A HP printer prints 500 A 4 size pages for you for a cartridge worth $10 and if another printer from lets say, Canon prints 500 pages for a cartridge which is worth $15, you would know that this comparison is standardised and that the manufacturers can openly claim this using this standardisation so far.

How else can I make the most of this 5% coverage yield?

One of the few ways you can save up on your printer’s toner is by using certain fonts which to yield more pages by consuming lesser toner such as Times New Roman, etc.

Does this automatically mean, that higher the yield stated by the manufacturer, the more money I save?
Yes, in fact, the higher the yield of your cartridge is, the more pages you print from the quoted price. Hence saves your money. However, there are a lot of models out there in the market today which might not be compatible or cater to your printing demand. Therefore, a thorough research of the printer compatibility before you invest is needed. 


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