Helpful Tips On AirPrint For Windows

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Is AirPrint used in Windows?

YES.Before AirPrint technology is mainly on Apple devices, but now it is available on Windows devices.With Apple, the user prints any document, file, text, photos and any connected printable thing through cables.A wireless access point is required for the information to print through the air print and hence you get written document.AirPrint can easily get installed in Windows 10,7 or 8 PC.

Why do I need Airprint on Windows?

With a Windows PC and a printer that is airprint enabled, you can easily do installations in your PC that will quickly direct print requests to the printer.It is better rather than having many printers in your office or home, and it works well with Windows 10.

What is the procedure to install Arprint for Windows?

  • Share printer across connected wireless connections: In the control panel you will get these settings at the Devices and Printers.Click twice and look for the installed printer then you right click on it and then go to properties.At the properties box, you will see 'share this printer' where the printer shares information and many network users access it.
  • Install the latest Bonjour Printer services version
  • Use Third party printers components like Elpamsoft AirPrint Installation by downloading it, then you launch it and Install the airprint service.When the service startup is active, click Auto at the option box.Installation is now correctly installed; it is now ready for use in your windows device.


What are the problems associated with AirPrint for Windows?

The common problems involved when installing a printer for Windows can vary depending on how you installed or even the problem may be in the printer or the PC.Some of the challenges are like:

Paper jam

Slow printer

Printer not printing

Difficulty in printing from a windows mobile device

Wi-fi printing taking long to print


However, these are common printer problems that happens in any other printers. AirPrint may not at all can cause these.

With Windows in the market, it is quite easy and very efficient to print through your device especially when you use Air PrintInstaller. The option works perfectly with Windows 7/Vista /XP when sharing a network. With a wireless network, you will be able to print from your mobile device by installing a compatible printable device. By doing this, the connection shows that you don't require a computer to print. With air print, you don't need to buy a new printer but all you need to is to connect O'Print from the PC, and hence it becomes Air print compatible.O'Print will print PDF documents and any other document.It is also not limited to a certain number of people or clients when connected to air print.There is much convenience with air print since no apps are required mainly for Windows devices. Any Printer can be used with air print, whether it is HP, EPSON, Panasonic, and Xerox among others. In the case of any issues with air print, it is advisable to check on your network connection ensuring that the two devices share the same network. It is also wise to do a network reset if network sharing is not working.

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