Epson Workforce 545: Why Is My Printer Not Printing?

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Printers are one of the most important office equipment. But when they stop responding, it causes a lot of delays and can become extremely troublesome. For a business printer like Epson Workforce 545, not having it to print documents can be really frustrating. Below are the common causes and easy solutions when your printer stops printing.

What are the possible causes why a printer does not print?

There are numerous possible reasons for a printer to not work. We have listed down 5 of the most common reasons and their fixes you can try.


Whether you are connected to your pc, mobile or network, connection problem can cause your printer not to print. If you are connected to pc through wiring, make sure that the wire is securely attached both to printer and pc. Wireless connection can be a bit tricky. However, access to network and a stable internet connection should be available. If not, you can also opt for USB for wireless printing. Epson Workforce 545 has wireless features for easy mobile printing. A bad connection can be your culprit. Before printing, make sure that you are connected to the right printer and network. For wireless printing, the wi-fi icon is lit-up when connected properly.

Printer cartridges

If your connections seem to be okay, then perhaps your printer must be out of consumables. Recent Epson Workforce models and other printers turn offline whenever their printer cartridges run empty or have insufficient consumables. Error messages for replacement or damaged cartridges appear too. If these happen, check your ink or toner level if there is a need to replace your cartridges, or perhaps check if the replacements were not installed correctly.

Paused Printing Queue

If not offline, then perhaps the printing queue is paused.  All you need to do is to check your printer status. Navigate through your Control Panel then Printer. Select your printer and from there, you can change your setting preference. Switch it back online if the status is offline, or select Resume Printing if it was paused. Printing queue is paused for a number of reasons too. However, you will have to manually switch it back to resume printing.

Driver Software

Updating your printer driver is crucial to keep the printer working. Once in a while, printer manufacturers release updates for printer drivers to fix bugs and other problems. Without updating your driver, the software will deem obsolete for the latest versions of wireless connections and other printing features. Others also make mistake by installing the wrong printer driver. To update and get the correct updates for your printers, you can access the manufacturer’s website. There are printer software available for all the continued printer models as well as direct links to their driver updates.

Keep the printouts coming and avoid delay by always checking your printer’s condition. See if one of our solutions helped fix your problem.

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