Benefits Of Toner Cartridge Recycling

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Why should you recycle printer cartridges?

The significant amount of wastes from toner cartridges in North America alone raises awareness on toner cartridge recycling. The 40,000 tons of metal and plastic can be reduced considerably if people recycle their used toner cartridges.

How can we recycle toner cartridges?

Reuse is one of the best way of toner cartridge recycling. Manufacturing companies of OEM toner cartridges have been promoting return programs for the past years. Returned OEM cartridges are then refilled and sold in a much cheaper price. This is equivalent to remanufactured ones from third party manufacturers.

Remanufactured toner cartridges are from OEMs. What made the difference is that their worn out parts were replaced by premium ones and they are refilled with compatible toner. Toner refill is also one of the cheapest recycling solution. It extends the life service of an empty toner cartridge up to several times before hitting the dumpster or return programs. For some, they donate their old toner cartridges to charities.

Why is toner cartridge recycling important? 

As mentioned, the staggering amount of waste printer cartridges in landfills is very alarming. Add to that the millions of years they require to completely decompose them. Recycling offers great benefits. Other than delaying these wastes’ trip to the landfill, resources are also conserved and recovered.

What are the benefits of toner cartridge recycling?

New products can be created using these recovered materials. Perhaps the most beneficial effect of toner cartridge recycling is conservation of the environment. It saves energy, water, natural resources and reduces greenhouse gases caused by manufacturing new cartridges. For printer owner and users, recycling printer cartridges offers a much cheaper printing solution. Remanufactured toner cartridges are 30%-70% cheaper than OEMs. They offer the same amount of toner and page yield in less the cost and without affecting the print quality.

So the next time you run out of toner, think of what you could do with your empty toner cartridge to make it reusable.

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