Dell Color Laser Printer C1760nw: How To Make Most of A Small Office Space

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Home office and small businesses commonly have small spaces to spare for a day-to-day operation. Maximizing every corner is important to place equipment and other supplies while still being efficient. Below are some tips on how make the most of a small office workspace.

Go compact or portable

Since the space is limited, go for the carry-on or compact versions of the equipment. Dell color laser printer C1760nw for instance is a compact printer that can be easily tuck in the corner or top your desk. Portable printer and other electronics are can be easily hid when not in used too.

Go less on paper

Documents, mails and other paper trails can is inevitable. However, you always have two options – keep a digital copy or pile a hard copy. Spare the physical copies as much as possible since space is very limited to archives. Print only when necessary

Go Low and on the wall

If there is something big enough in a small office space, that would be the wall. Get creative with your shelving. Make use of the wall by putting a hanging shelves. For documents that are not needed everyday, opt for low shelving. Get a container or low shelf that you can easily place under your desk or under the bed. More space, less clutter.

Go pull out or multifunction

Forget having a full desk. It will only take up precious space. Instead, choose a roll-out or pull-out desk. You can have the functionality of drawers and writing table while keeping space enough for other displays. You can also hang your monitor on the wall at eye level to save desk space. For home office, a flatscreen monitor can serve as your desktop or tv.

Go minimal

Become a minimalist. Japanese minimalist style can give you a lot of space to move around. The rule is simple, only have the things that you need. A compact or portable printer like Dell C1760nw, a computer and a shelf for your documents are the basic essentials of a home office. Purge and declutter as much as possible to avoid piling of unnecessary things.

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