Canon 137 Toner : Reasons Why You Only A Need Monochrome Printer

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Printer is a vital machine in offices and home offices. But considering the plethora of printing options we have nowadays, it is sometimes hard to choose which one suits our needs. Even consumables like Canon 137 toner cartridge has combined toner, drum unit and developer in one cartridge for printer owner’s convenience. Do we still need a printer? Does having a monochrome printer suffice? Here are some things to ponder.

Do I need a printer?

There is a numerous printing options for companies nowadays. From online services like faxing, cloud data storage, printing outsource services and even 24hr print and copy shops some would think that a printer might not be of use. However, for a home office, student and computer savvy, this is still a necessity. Having hard copies of documents and other types of printed papers is inevitable and going through outside printing services might be more costly and inconvenient than directly having them printed on your own printer. Therefore, having a monochrome printer at your side would be a relief. It saves you time and money.

How much printing do I require?

The quantity of your prints determines how much printing you need and how often. Take into account your budget and other printer functions that you might need (copy, fax and scan). Do you need wireless connectivity? Do you need to print colored images often? If you only need a printed paper for reports or documents for signature then a monochrome printer will suffice. The Canon 137 toner cartridge yields 2,400 pages – a considerable amount of pages even with regular printing. The cartridge is also compatible with Canon imageCLASS MF247dw, a monochrome multifunction printer with print, copy, scan and fax features perfect for small offices.

Here are some other reasons why you should stick with a monochrome printer:

Saves your budget – Buying one color of toner saves you a significant amount of money instantly. Although consumables now have cheaper alternatives, using only one color eliminates the need to buy multicolors and replacing one after the other inconsistently.

Saves space – Most monochrome printers are designed to be compact. Forsaking the multifunction features, it gives you even more space. This is perfect for home office or college students with little room space to spare.

Most monochrome laser printers whether single or multifunction are inexpensive. If your printed materials requires more texts than images, then having one will suffice.

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