Brother Toner Cartridge: Benefits Of Buying In Multipacks

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Buying in bundles and multipacks is the best option for consumers and seems to be the trend in marketplaces. Everyone tries to grab on anything cheaper and discount offers especially on things used on a daily basis. Brother toner cartridge and other printer consumables nowadays often comes in multipacks and combos as well.  But should we fall on this marketing strategy?

Who should buy multipacks?

Products that are consumable or perishable are often best to buy in multipacks. In an office setting, office supplies are used constantly and in great volume. Brother toner cartridge for instance can print thousands of pages. Once depleted however, an immediate replacement should be on hand. A color printer uses 2 or more printer cartridges. Buying its consumables individually would cost more than the printer itself and deemed impractical. If you are buying a unique item or for one time use only, then this option isn’t for you.

Is it more expensive to buy in packs?

It may depend on the quantity and frequency of the product’s usage or consumption. In general, buying in multipacks is much cheaper and sometimes by almost half the price of the individual packages of the same quantity. What’s more, buying in bulk is also eco-friendly as its packaging requires less resources. The main goal of buying in multipacks is to never run out of supplies.

Some useful tips when buying in bulk

Compare prices – Check the difference in prices when buying a single pack versus in multipack. Pay attention to the volume, weight etc.

Consider storage space – Having more purchased items also require more space for storage. Make sure to place the items in the correct space and temperature to prevent damage and spoilage. A Brother toner cartridge and ink cartridge for example must be placed in a dark and dry place. Keep them away from direct sunlight as it may cause the cartridges to melt or warp. A cupboard or drawer would be the best place for storing.

Regular inventory – As mentioned, take note of the frequency of usage and how much is consumed on a regular basis. This way, the replacements and need to repurchase can be done and scheduled.


Buying in multipacks offers multiple benefits. However, to truly save money, only buy what you need.

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  • I like that you suggested comparing the prices of single and multiple packs of toner cartridges so you can check their differences. My husband and I are planning to refill the ink of our printer, and we want to make sure that by doing this, we’ll save more money. I want to find ways how can I get discounts for buying toner cartridges because we regularly use our printer. Thanks for sharing this.

    Ellen H. on
  • The article that you have written is incredible content wise as well in the writing skills. Look forward to reading more from you again.

    Ashutosh Kumar on

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