Brother HL-2270dw Toner: Brother Printer Toner Saver Mode

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What Is A Cartridge?

A cartridge is a physical material as ink, toner, photographic film or any other material in a protective metal or plastic container use to print on surfaces. 

What Is A Toner Cartridge?

This is the part of a laser printer containing toner materials in forms as dry particles, carbon, fine powders or colouring particles use to imprint images on the printing paper.

Reasons to Consider Toner Saver Mode?

Every toner cartridges for copiers have stated or projected value, telling you how many pages can be printed in total, the normal toner usage based on as standard of 5% coverage of a letter-size piece of paper usage can be very expensive to use, Brother HL-2270dw toner saver mode comes to the rescue here, it is an economical mode that applies less toner to the pages to be printed.

How To Activate or Deactivate The toner cartridge Saver Mode?

This mode can be easily activated or deactivated from the printer preferences or print dialog box; some other printer manufacturers have a direct button on the draft mode located directly on the printer to make it easier. The procedure varies depending on the operating system you are using.

For the window users:

  1. Open the Properties dialog box in the printer driver
  2. Select the “Graphics” tab
  3. Select the “Toner Save” from the list of the document types

For the Mac OS 9.x Users:

  1. Open the “Print” menu dialogue
  2. Select the “Controls printer specific settings”
  3. You can then change the setting of Toner Save Mode

For the Mac OS X users

  1. Open the “Print” menu dialogue
  2. You can then change the setting of Toner Save Mode

How Does A Toner Saver Mode Work?

It works by decreasing the resolution of print and use fewer dots per inch thus consuming less resources in printing. Usually, it cuts the dots per inch to about half to produce an image, which is still clear

Benefits of Brother Printer Toner Saver Mode?

Since it is an economical mode, the Brother HL-2270dw toner last longer thus save costs. Also it is very appropriate for situations where it is less economical to print high quality such as draft documents. Also, has means of saving the environment, it encourages economic and friendlier usage of printing material.

Users would save about 10% of their toner  causing the toner cartridge to last an average of 15% longer. Business owners would have fewer needs to replace the Brother HL-2270dw.

Demerit of Toner Saver Mode?

The eventual printout looks bit lighter than under the standard mode. However, the Brother printers do not recommend the Toner Saver Mode for printing high quality photo. Also, since the use of saver mode may outlast that of the other mechanical parts, there could arise quality issues with the printout.

Usual problems with a Toner Cartridge and Possible solutions?

The Printer may not work after replacing a new toner that is, should you just purchase a new Brother HL-2270dw toner: Firstly ensure all the packing material covering the brother printer cartridge is removed, this blockages can cause it not to work

Toner smearing the paper: This is not usually the case with brother toner ink, however should it occurs, clean up the printer, test drive again, then try another cartridge if you have a spare or you may borrow from someone else, if a new one fixes the problem then you might need to get another.

Marks or Lines at the back of the page: It may be possible the toner cartridge is leaking, thus look for a replacement.

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