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Choosing the right printer for your office can be a challenging undertaking, with so many features to choose from and an ever-growing number of technology additions and addons, it can be overwhelming at times. The best printers 2017 has to offer include a wide range of amazing options:


The General Types of Printers

The three most common categories of business ready printers are generally classified into three general groups.

  • Purpose – is it a general use or a specialty printer.
  • Intended use- such as whether it will be used at home or office
  • Classification -  is it technology- dependent or the technology and addons used with the printer.

Most printers are able to handle general text printing and basic quality photos and images. Special-purpose printers are ones designed for high resolution images special size or design printing, or for unique setup needs such as oversized projects or portable printing units. If you're looking for the right printer and toner cartridges and accessories for your office, consider the types of print jobs you will be doing on a regular basis and then base your choice off that.

Three Best printers 2017 Has to Offer

The Brother HL-L8360CDW (selling for around $399.99), is a color laser printer that is perfect for the high-volume printing that is needed in many modern offices today. A powerful yet fairly compact design allows your employees to get their work done with a convenient and easy to operate printing setup. There are many features that make this a great printing choice:

  • Fast print speeds- ensure there is no long line waiting for projects to print or extended delays in waiting for the important papers to get to the right desk.
  • Superior quality print job- stunning print quality each and every time on every page, and for all of the best images and photos.
  • High capacity- toner cartridges last for a long time, ensuring the best results from start to finish all for an affordable price.
  • Low maintenance- high quality design ensure hours of operation with minimal maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs needed.
  • Multiple accessories- this printer is compatible with many hook ups and accessories such as USB drives and flash drives.

Canon Image Class LBP151dw (which can be found for around $170) is small compact printer that is compact enough to fit any office space. For an individual office printer this is a great choice due to its speed, toner cartridge availability, and quiet operation. It is perfect for basic documents and back and white graphics and can also handle smaller images with reasonable quality and reliability. A powerful yet very compact design gets papers printed, jobs completed, and keeps budgets in line with affordable toner cartridges and easy to maintain setup. There are several key features that make it a good printer for small scale office printing needs:

  • Speedy printing- for small to medium size jobs printing is quick and easy and this printer can handle text and basic images with no problems at all.
  • Superior print for size- amazing print quality from a compact printer is easy to get with this printing system that is easy to troubleshoot and maintain.
  • Quality and reliability- despite its smaller size, the printer’s toner cartridges last and hold up well to the day in and day out printing needs of the office.
  • Capacity- whether you have a large or small print job this printer can handle to job and give you picture perfect printout time and time again.
  • Easy add on- the use of USB, wireless connections, print cords, card readers, and other add ons are simple and easy with this amazing printer.

The impressive Dell Color Smart Multifunction Printer S3845cdn (able to be found for the $1000.00 range) is a wonderful example of an all-in-one printer color laser printer. This laser printer is one that is perfect for the high-volume printing so commonly seen in the modern office space. A powerful and compact design allows high volume print jobs to be completed easily and lets your employees fulfill their jobs to the highest level of quality and reliability. When you are looking for the best printers 2017 has to offer in a high capacity printer, this is a great choice for any office. There are many features you should consider when looking at this printer system:

  • Reliable printing- no matter the size of the job, quality printing is achieved each time whether it is text, images, photos, or a combination of these.
  • Maximum capacity- from the toner cartridges hat last longer than many others to the high capacity paper tray, this printer can keep up with you.
  • Flexible programs- high quality touch screen and customized setting allow you to tailor printing to your specific wants and needs.
  • Quality set up and design- large printer with durable design and easy to use set up makes it perfect for big and small print jobs alike.
  • Maximum output- the best printer is one that performs as planned and has minimal problems and needs minimal troubleshooting.


When your office needs a new printer or an upgrade from your current one, the best printers 2017 has to offer come in many sizes and styles. Whether you are looking for basic printer to handle your document printing needs or something more high end for quality prints and handouts, you can find what you need if you know where to look. Consider things like printer size, paper capacity, speed or printing, image and photo printing quality, toner cartridge cost, maintenance and repair needs, and ease of use. We have looked at three printers that are perfect for business printing in any office. Whether you have three employees or 30, these printers all are great starting places and can offer you quality printing for a reasonable price. Prices vary but with so many options available, you are sure to find one that is perfect for your business, employees, and your budget. The best printers 2017 has to offer include a wide range of amazing options that you should explore. Find the printer that is best for your office and see how much more productive your team can be with the right printer in the office. If you're looking for the right printer and toner cartridges and accessories for your office, consider the types of print jobs you will be doing on a regular basis and then base your choice off that.

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