A Quick Look On Hp Envy 4500

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Released on 2011, the HP Envy 4500 remained to be one of the best color inkjet printer for small office and home office. This all-in-one printer also has scan and copy features. Here’s a quick look on its features and why this model is a favorite.

What are the best features of HP Envy 4500?

With a huge number of competitions in the market, consumers find HP Envy 4500 to deliver basic features in good speed. It proved to churn a print speed of 8ppm on a test print of all text document and a small color logo. It features wireless connectivity in addition to USB, making it a convenient partner for no-pc printing.  What’s more, a duplexer is a standard to all series model. As for customer reviews, many agreed that it is easy to set up. The interface from the LCD control panel is also user friendly. It carries a 2-cartridge system for black and multicolor and capable of photographic print quality.

Are there any downside from owning this printer model?

Each printer model has its pros and cons; apparently for some, they find HP Envy 4500 to run an expensive operational cost. Despite the initial low purchase cost, having a tricolor cartridge can be a disadvantage for photo image printing. It proved to have a high page cost and in a limited page yield number.  Although it is a well-rounded printer, the paper tray is a disappointment for only having a maximum 100-sheet capacity as compared to printers of the same price range and functions which have 30 more pages on average.

Is it best for small office and home office?

If you are looking for a multifunction printer with a low purchase price, then HP Envy 4500 is for you. It delivers good quality prints and in good speed. Limited page yield can also remedied by buying an XL cartridge version of HP 61. While it does not offer an auto-duplexer, having a duplex feeder is still considered an added value which allows you to save more on your supplies and paper.

The HP Envy 4500 might be a lackluster in some feature department but it can sure deliver basic printing needs in good quality. It is notable for its speed, affordability, easy to use controls and professional-looking printouts.  

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