New Ink Cartridge but Will Not Print

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Epson XP-410 ink said low level so you replaced the old ink cartridge with a new. Unfortunately, when you started printing, nothing shows on the page. What’s wrong? There are many possible reasons why a new ink cartridge won’t print. Below are some causes and fixes you need to know. 

Why is my printer not printing after changing the cartridge?

There are several reasons that could apply on your case. These could be:

  • Not removing the protective tape

New cartridges have protective tape. Not only that it keeps the ink from leaking, but it actually protects the print nozzle of the cartridge which is very sensitive. Do not touch the print nozzle when removing the tape. Otherwise, it may get damaged and the printer will not be able to read the cartridge. If you happen to remove the tape but did not install it right away, the ink might have dried out.

  • Not resetting the cartridge counter

A reason why your ink cartridge was not recognized by the printer is because you fail to reset the ink cartridge counter. Even if the cartridge is new but the counter was not reset, the printer will read the cartridge as empty. To reset Epson XP-410 ink counter:

  1. Simply and hold the load/eject button for a few seconds.
  2. Open the cartridge compartment and lift the cartridge lever.
  3. DO NOT remove the cartridge. After a few seconds, push back the lever and shut the compartment.
  4. Press the load/eject again.
  5. Run test print.
  • Not correctly installed cartridge

The problem might be very simple. The installation was done incorrectly. Follow the installation procedure from the manual. Insert the correct ink cartridge to the correct slot. Make sure they are safely locked. You might need to repeat the installation again if necessary. Shake the ink cartridge from side to side to even the supply. Do not leave the ink cartridge exposed for a long time because it will dry out the ink.

  • Defective Cartridge

If you followed the steps and your new ink cartridge is still not printing, there is a possibility the cartridge replacement is defective. Check the manufacturer or the retailer’s warranty and ask for another replacement or refund.

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