How to Replace Cartridge on Pixma Printer?

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Ink cartridge replacement is required when your printer shows an error or warning message of insufficient ink supply. There are printers that use individual ink cartridges and most of the time not all of them need replacing. The Canon Pixma printer cartridges varies from 2 to 8 ink colors. Knowing how to replace these cartridges will help continue your printing without delay. Here’s how to replace Canon Pixma MG3620 ink cartridges.


How to remove the ink cartridge?

  1. Turn on the printer. Open the front lid. Make sure there are no stuck paper on the cassette.
  2. Open output cover and locate the cartridges.
  3. Remove the cartridge by gently pushing down the cartridge lever until the lock clicks.
  4. If the ink cartridge does not release, reposition it again and push down the lock until it can be completely removed. (DO NOT touch the metallic parts in the machine).
  5. Take a new ink cartridge. Shake the ink cartridge gently from side to side to even the supply inside.
  6. Remove the protective tape. DO NOT touch the print head or nozzle.
  7. Enter the new cartridge in a slant position into the compartment. Push up the cartridge lever until you hear a click.
  8. An electronic sound will confirm if the installation was done correctly.
  9. Close cover lid. Start printing.

What if the printer can’t read my ink cartridge?

The most common reason why ink cartridges can’t be read by the printer is because of wrong installation. Make sure that the correct ink cartridge is inserted in the correct slot. Issues of misalignment is also one of the reasons.

On Canon Pixma MG3620 for instance, the print head might be clogged even if the ink cartridge is new. Make sure to remove any dried inks before installing.

How do I know which ink cartridge needs replacing?

You can check Printer Properties from your computer. It will indicate the supply level of each ink cartridge and other options you can have to continue printing if no replacement cartridge is available.

What if I continue printing despite low levels of ink?

There are tricks on making your printer print the remaining ink in the cartridge. However, these are only temporary solutions. You will eventually have to replace the cartridges once they are depleted or reached their indicated page yield. Replacing the ink cartridges is necessary for your printer to continue printing and prevent interior damage.




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